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Guadalajara - Mexico’s Cultural Capital

The cultural movement that is in Guadalajara is one of the strongest in all of Latin America. The city has one of the vastest cultural agendas in the continent, which is fostered by the government and local universities in order to promote all the attributes of the city. Guadalajara exhibits many works by international and national artists due to its promotional influences in Latin America and the southwest of the United States.


Guadalajara is characterized as a Mexican Icon City. This means that the city’s identity has given certain icons that reflect the heritage of the country such as mariachi, charros and tequila. Over time, these icons have given Guadalajara a stereotype image for which it has adopted and promoted throughout the world.


Guadalajara is also the birthplace of many ancient cultural expressions such as Jarabe Tapatio. A dance created with influences from Flamenco and spanish instruments that were adopted during the spanish colonization. The city is also considered one of Mexico’s artisan and gastronomic powerhouses due to its unique dishes like red pozole and torta ahogada (drowned sandwich).



The city has the largest number of art institutions such as the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco, the Folkloric Ballet of the University of Guadalajara, Chamber of Commerce Ballet of Jalisco, the Ballet of the Hospicio Cabañas and the Company of Contemporary Dance of the university of Guadalajara.


Its focus in contemporary art, dance, theater, music, photography, film, design, architecture and multimedia have been the main force in the development and increase of funding for the arts.


The University Center of Arts, Architecture and Design (CUAAD) is the academic institution with greater international recognition, in the formation of artistic talent, that create a link between the cultural movements for the creation, promotion and cultural consumption of the city.


Contemporary music has been an important factor in the new Tapatio cultural movement, being Guadalajara one of the cities with the largest consumers of avant-garde and electronic music, to earn the nickname “Electronic Capital of Mexico” in honor of their representation in electronic music and for hosting events of the global electronic genre.

Undoubtedly, Guadalajara has more than meets the eye and due to a new generation of artists and consumers the art scene in this city is well and thriving.

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  1. I thought I knew a lot about mexico and their culture but I have never heard of Jarabe Tapatio! When I was in spain I loved seeing Flamenco and when travelling it is a great experience to witness cultural dancing! I guess I have to visit Guadalajara soon and add seeing Jarabe Tapatio to my bucket list!

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