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The Celebration


This Year Guadalajara celebrated its 475th birthday by lighting up its heart.


It was an event aim at revitalizing the downtown area by bringing people and businesses together to experience all the attractions and food that this event had and by reminding people of their heritage.


There are not enough words to describe this event so we decided to compile some of the best moments in images and present them for your enjoyment.


So enough said here are the highlights of this week long event. Enjoy!

Aerial view of Plaza Tapatia
The Metropolitan Cathedral shining with history in this interesting mapping.
The facade of Hospicio Cabañas with our city's history.
Guadalajara is known for colorful ceramic tiles.
The Burning Man - A mural by Clemente Orozco.
The moon shared its love.
Neon light corridor.
Ethan controlling the dancing fountains.
One of the courtyards inside Hospicio Cabañas.
A firework show in Liberation Plaza and mapping in Degollado Theater.
We love Guadalajara!
Now a treat from us. A video compiling the best moments of the night.

Finally, we will like to thank the Municipal Government of Guadalajara for making us a part of this event.

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