Cooking Class in Zapopan

Experience the joy making some of the most delicious Mexican dishes from scratch.


Discover undisturbed and fresh flavors from the best produce that farmers can grow.


Learn about the tools, ingredients and techniques that the aztecs used to make amazing dishes and which are still used today such as the molcajete and chilis. 


Do not wait any longer and enjoy the fresh and creative side that Mexican cuisine has waiting for you.




  1. Shop for your ingredients in a real market
  2. Learn to differentiate local from imported ingredients
  3. Master the technique of using tools the Aztecs invented
  4. Discover new dishes and take away recipes that you can replicate back home
  5. Indulge in creative and traditional works of culinary art

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Cooking Class Information

When: Monday through Friday

Time: 3:00 P.M.

Price: $50

What's Included: Food, drinks & host

Maximum Group Size: 15 people

Languages: Available in English and Spanish

What to Wear: Relax - anything comfortable to you

Location: Zapopan